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Launched in February 2018, HQ10 with its Co-working, Private Office and Business Centre has been thoughtfully designed as the best in its class, effectively blending aesthetics and functionality to provide a high-efficiency luxurious work ambiance.



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Working from home has its own disadvantages including the numerous distractions and interruptions. At the same time taking up a separate office space would mean a high capital investment – further maintaining it would mean committed monthly expenditures and everyday frustration and hassles. This is where Private Office and Co-working Spaces like the HQ10 score.

HQ10 is a Private Office and Co-working Space at Chennai that offers a choice of Private Office Spaces, Co-working Spaces, Meeting, and Conference Rooms. A prestigious address, an elegant fully furnished plug and play office with a host of efficient utility services and business & leisure amenities that come in pocket-friendly packages.

Powered for Access

Prime location, easy to access.

Powered for Growth

Network with industry people.

Powered for Efficiency

Ready-to-work with 24 x 7 access.

Powered for Flexibility

Flexible space usage plans.

Powered for Savings

Pay for what you use.

Powered for Comfort

Business, utility and leisure amenities.

Powered for Rewards

Special offers to empower your business.

Powered for Reliability

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HQ10 Private Offices and Co-working Spaces offer a spectrum of amenities that not only make everyday work hassle-free and easy but also pleasurable. Utility, Business and Leisure amenities have been thoughtfully planned and are seamlessly integrated at HQ10 Private Offices and Co-working Spaces. All with the mission of delighting every team member. Above and beyond these amenity offerings, HQ10 Private Offices, and Co-working Spaces strives to foster a community of like-minded professionals, so that team members are able to engage with one another and in the process get empowered both professionally and socially.

Business Amenities


This is a very new concept arising in Chennai. We live in a disruptive age and none of us understands what the future holds. So, places like HQ gathers the entrepreneurial ambiance and energy for the future and gives people a plug and play like an environment which they can start to deliver their ideas

Bharat Joshi

British Deputy High Commissioner Chennai


6 Reasons Why you need to choose HQ10

1. Scalability of space Most shared and co-working spaces offer standard inflexible space clusters and basic equipment. On the other hand, HQ10 is designed keeping in mind that the customers’ needs do change. The spaces at HQ10 are conceived to offer scalability and...

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About the Location Guindy, Chennai

Guindy till a couple of decades back was famous for two diametrically opposite places of interest. One was the pastime of the rich gamblers – the race course and the other the erudite destination of budding technocrats – the engineering college. Of course, there was a...

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What startups should know about Virtual Office

Necessity, they say is the mother of invention. No doubt. But I will go a step further. Technology is the mother of necessity. For example, I wonder if my great-grandfather spent the entire summer (without even a fan) sweating or dying of heat stroke. But today you...

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